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Our Brief

WETIN DEY INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is an industry cutting edge in ICT duly registered in Nigeria whose principal interest lies in Human Capital Development through Professional IT Training, providing ICT Services & Solutions through software development, and helping organizations, brands and young people harness the limitless benefits of ICT to solve the greatest setback and shortage of real technical expertise of ICT to maximize profit.

Our Mission

Wetin Dey is committed to creating products and services that will redefine social networking & app and web development, lead in customer service and support cutting edge innovations in our immediate environment.

Our Aim

While our primary aim remains to create a technology ecosystem that will encourage blue chip innovations among young people and boost their opportunities for wealth creation.

Our Vision

To help young people lead in innovative programming for the 21st Century African youth’s social media experience and redefine the incorporation of technology into the continent’s corporate and workplace lifestyle.


Our Skill

Our team of dedicated experts and professionals are ready to tackle all your online challenges!

God'spower Otali I.


Some words from CEO

At Wetin Dey Inc. we help enterprises in digital and open technology UX/CX, development and support initiatives become reality.

We are currently present in Akure and Abuja in Nigeria.

Our in-house experts build high-performing, secure digital experiences and solutions, while providing a full range of creative capabilities, coupled with 24/7 support and maintenance.

Database Development
PHP Development
Social Media Marketing

Our Great Team

We extend this core value beyond our own internal teams to reflect how we work with our clients and our partners in an effort to drive positive and beneficial outcomes for us all.

Team Member

Rachel Modupeoluwa

Managing Director

Team Member

Emediong Boniface

Operation Officer

Team Member

Samson Dumbi

Technical Officer

Team Member

God'spower Otali I.

Lead Developer